Let Us Do the Work and YOU Make the Money!

Let Boosters Inc. set up a fundraising web site for you free of charge. We can design your school or organization t-shirts and other items to sell on your very own fundraising site. Just let us know what you want! NO Hassle, NO Cost, No Obligation! FREE artwork, screens, packaging and shipping!

All you have to do is pass out the goods once the sale is over and collect your check from us!

We give you the link to the site and you can pass it along through email or social media. We can even send the emails out for you if you provide us with an email list.

There is no collecting to be done by your students or teachers because they will pay online! How simple can fundraising get? Simple, safe and profitable! It’s the new electronic way to make money by letting us do the work for you! You make profit on each item sold!

Why not give us a call today to set up your very own fundraising web site? 800-633-1906

Here’s a photo of a sample site so you can see what it looks like.