• Satin Roster Ribbon
    And are great for all sports: football, basketball, wrestling, track, etc. Roster ribbons are available in both metallic or satin in 3 sizes. The 3" x 16" roster will accommodate up to 50 names, the 4" x 24" up to 125 names and the 4" x 30" up to 175 names. All names for roster ribbons must be typewritten and color to insure correct spelling. The minimum order is 100 and requires 10 work days production after receipt of your complete order. Production times do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays. Please see our shipping map for estimated ship times. ART APPROVAL IS REQUIRED ON ALL ROSTER RIBBONS. Prices do not include shipping or ribbon toppers.


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  • Stock Recognition Ribbons

    Stock Recognition Ribbons

    As low as $0.50
    Our new high-quality stock ribbons are a great inexpensive way to motivate your students! They are 2" x 8" and are available in 25 stock designs in only the colors shown. Designs cannot be altered. All ribbons have an eyelet, string, and a card on the back to record the event. THE MINIMUM ORDER IS 25 RIBBONS PER DESIGN. Ribbons are shipped within 72 hours. (Production times do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.)
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  • Stock Foil Stamped Ribbons

    Stock Foil Stamped Ribbons

    As low as $0.69

    These 1 5/8" x 5" ribbons are foil stamped and as shown. Ribbons are packaged 25 per design and are shipped within 48 hours. (Production times do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.) TOTAL QTY. ORDERED MUST BE AT LEAST 50, ORDERS LESS THAN MINIMUM WILL NOT BE FILLED.

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  • Stock Motivational Ribbons

    Stock Motivational Ribbons

    As low as $0.43
    These ribbons are in stock and are sold 50 per design. They are 2" wide x 10" long and come with your choice of a smilie top or plain top.  Ribbon colors, imprint colors, or designs cannot be altered. ***Motivational ribbons are shipped within 24 hours. (Production times do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.)***
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  • Honor Award Ribbons

    Satin Honor Awards

    As low as $0.40

    Honor roll ribbons are an outstanding way to award your students for putting forth that extra effort! The 5" ribbons are available in A, AB, Scholastic Achievement, Perfect Attendance, and Student of the Month in your choice of colors. A gold scallop sticky top is included with each ribbon. These ribbons are shipped within 48 hours. (Production times do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.)

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  • Stock Award Ribbons

    Stock Award Ribbons

    As low as $1.39

    These stock award ribbons have a plastic top with a safety pin back and are 10" long. The back of the ribbon has a place to record the event name, date, etc. They are available in 1st Place through 10th Place and Honorable Mention. Ribbon colors cannot be altered. These ribbons are shipped within 48 hours. (Production times do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.) 1st Place ribbon/button is blue and white, 2nd Place ribbon/button is red and white, 3rd Place ribbon/button is gold and white, 4th Place ribbon/button is green and white, 5th Place ribbon/button is maroon and white , 6th Place ribbon/button is orange and white, 7th Place ribbon/button is black and white, 8th Place ribbon/button is yellow and white, 9th Place ribbon/button is light blue and white, 10th Place ribbon/button is white and black, Honorable Mention ribbon/button is brown and white.

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  • Event Sashes

    As low as $17.50
    These event sashes come in red, white, blue and black only. Available with text stamped in gold foil with the following titles... Queen, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, Princess, Duchess, Court, King, Homecoming King, Prom King, Prince and Duke. They measure 3"W x 72"L. Your students will feel like royalty with these satin sashes at Homecoming and Prom! They are a nice quality and the gold print really makes a statement! You can order extras and put them up for years to come and be ready for these special events that happen once a year! Why not be prepared?


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